Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yay to me wearing glasses

The Other Option would be running around blind (which I seriously considered as the glasses are driving me nuts!!) Try wearing glasses after 9 years of constant lenses wearing!!

- They are slipping down all the time
- And your sight is narrowed down to those tiny glasses
- And I only have those one brown ones
- which yes are Gucci and I love them as a fashion statement but they don't go with everything so the outfit choice which is limited anyway is even slimmer
- And try them all day and the next ahhhhh
- And now the the weather is finally sun sun sun I can't wear any of my many many many sunglasses!
- And did I mention the slipping?
- And I really blame my mom who once in her life gave in to a fashion related argument and a "But MOM I love them" and bought them as a presi instead of making me choose not so pretty but more practical ones!!

Ok I think that is enough of the negative rantings for today bye bye with a smile :)

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