Saturday, August 29, 2009

Links á la Mode


Playing Dress Up

Edited by Jordana

I’m in the process of moving to New York City, just in time for Fashion Week, which kicks off in two weeks. In browsing through all the link submissions this week, I couldn’t help but tie it all back to one very important question lingering on my mind – what the heck am I going to wear? This week’s round-up speaks to the art of ”getting dressed.” We have inspiration posts from Cake not Coke and Style on the Street, style how-to’s from Denim Debutante (she was also quoted in the WSJ this week, here!) and The Coveted, and a variety of interviews. One of my favorites was Prom Mafia’s DIY for converting your boyfriend’s tee into a tunic – love it!

For those plannig to attend fashion week, make sure you RSVP for the
IFB Dress Up Soiree and panel discussion on evolving influence! Special thanks to Moxsie and Microsoft Windows phones for their support!

Links à la Mode : August 27th

  • 39th and Broadway: Are You a Fashion Sellout?

  • Brick My Lane: Interview with Fee Doran, aka Mrs Jones – the woman behind Oxfam DIY and that famous white catsuit.

  • Cake not Coke: Vanity Fair Setpember ‘09 Toujours Couture - A Stitch in Time.

  • Chicago Style: Interview with Monica Dimperio, of the Chicago street style blog The MidWasteland

  • Clutch 22: Exclusive scoop on Seattle indie greentrepreneurs – Sara Seumae of SPUN Clothing collaborates with Tara Smith of Revival Ink (plus a contest)

  • Denim Debutante: The reasons you should love Rich & Skinny denim, along with tips for the three best cuts and how to wear them

  • Dramatis Personae: Unveiling the feminine fashion stylings of independent designer Claire la Faye…

  • Dream Sequins: Shoptalk with Cherie of online vintage marketplace Shrimpton Couture, which collaborates with emerging designers

  • Fashion Pulse: Check out the new trend in leggings, by way of geometric prints and loads of grey!

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers : Dress UP for NYFW

  • Prom Mafia: Raid your boyfriend’s closet: How to turn his t-shirts into cute girly tunics

  • Retro Chick: What happens at a Burlesque Lesson?

  • Saved for Best: Girls on Film – A celebration and run down of the best-dressed films

  • Shop Fair: Top 5 obstacles fair trade and “green” fashion labels have to overcome to be more successful

  • Style on the Street: Three photoshoots inspiring trends for the next season

  • Style Symmetry: The Symmetry Seven with Rhiannon of Liebemarlene Vintage

  • Sweet Fuzz: Rustic Elegance - independent fashion designer Dace’s beautiful Fall line

  • The Coveted: Charlotte Russe Review – Mixing in Fast Fashion

  • The Demoiselles: Shopping for your body type is hard enough without a recession; shopping on the cheap is even harder

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Links á la Mode

links a la mode

Beauty, Style, & the Blogosphere

Edited by Ashe Mischief

Beauty and Style come in many forms, and this weeks Links á la Mode choices showcase the many discussions entering the world of fashion blogging at the moment: excessive judgments, the value of personalities, and cultivating your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty. Bonne-Vie challenges the values of the show “More to Love” and Fivve Blog shares model sensation Lara Stone. Newcomer Jaka’s Tea Party calls to action with the Wholestyle Manifesto and Betsey J asks “Are we too judgmental as fashion bloggers?”

Not to overshadow this weeks Links á la Mode with too heavy of discussions, we’ve also go a great roundup of make-up tutorials & inspiration, along with great DIY projects & giveaways in the forums!

Links à la Mode : August 20th

  • Ask ThinkThru: – What Can You Wear From the Office To an Event?

  • Betsey J: – Have we become too judgemental when it comes to fashion & style?

  • Bonne Vie: – Fox is doin’ it wrong with new reality show “More to Love”

  • BRICK MY LANE: – 3-in-1 DIYs: Ripping, slashing andd patching everything, rock’n'roll style

  • Broke & Beautiful – International Indie Designers can be found with Novica, plus an opportunity to REALLY make a difference by shopping.

  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor – Fed up of emails from big fashion brands demanding interviews, I decided to speak to a young, bright and new designer instead.

  • Denim Debutante: – How to Clean & Care for Your Premium Denim

  • fivve blog: – If you have a fashion mag addiction, then you probably have seen who W Magazine is calling the “fashion it-girl” Lara Stone.

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: What's so great about Gravatars?

  • Jaka's Tea Party – A mission statement for a new movement that believes style isn’t about the clothes you wear, it’s about being a whole person.

  • Little Miss Makeup: – Pretty makeup is an evergreen fashion trend. Get the low-down on how to get the look!

  • Meilily: – Highlights the debut collection of Project Runway phenom Christian Siriano for VS Makeup.

  • pie wacket: – yesterday I worked with Kiehl’s to create a wonderful late summer giveaway and shot an original beauty story to demo the products.

  • Rags to Reverie: – 2 days ago Space 15 Twenty’s Pangaea Pop-Up makes deka ray’s architectural jewelry available for the masses

  • Retro Chick: – Why we buy – One woman’s journey in fashion and the decisions we make every day.

  • sweet archivia: – Anthropologie’s Secret Code – In-House Brand Guide

  • THE COVETED – The Coveted: Make that a double: Take Off Your Clothes Double T-Shirt Dress

  • The Demoiselles – Jennifer Nicole uncovers the secrets behind the new PETA ad, which degrades women based on weight.

  • The Fashion Planner: – The Fashion Planner’s Guide to Chicago offers great places to eat, shop, and more.

  • The Midnight Feast: – Did I really just put on black lipstick? How to tackle this trend: a guide for those who would prefer to leave the gothic look in the 90s.

  • Unfunded – Unfunded: White Rabbit Inspired Baubles

  • Wit & Whimsy: – First Look: Michael Kors Goes Hollywood Glam with the launch of

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flowerprint Skirt

I wanted to upload earlier, but between work and helping the parents redo a part of the house I had no time whatsoever!!
Seriously I worked 13 hours today, the parent should have gotten slaves instead of children, I am sure those don't complain as much as my brother and I do ;)

Oh and blue is my new favorite colore with the ginger hair °°°

New Outfit Post: Last Saturday dancing with my girl Sabrina

Black H&M Top
Blue and White H&M Flower Print High Waist Skirt
Black H&M Clutch
Black jennifer taylor peeptoes

Pics where taken in the parking lot underneath the club, hence the dingy atmosphere!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Links á la Mode

A Stylish New World

Edited by Jennine

Here we go with this week’s round of stylish links. Editing this week was quite difficult as there were so many great links to choose from and everyone had some fantastic news on the fashion front. One of the great things about the internet is that we can all find out what the smaller labels are doing and thinking. This week we have great interviews from 39th and Broadway, Fabulous Finds Gal, Style Gourmand and A Typical Atypical. We also have a brilliant DIY project on what to do with your fabric scraps on Brick My Lane.

Links à la Mode : August 13th

  • 39th and Broadway – Designer Interview; Delirius

  • A Typical Atypical – The wonderful Every Little Counts! With 15% off for readers!

  • Bobbins and Bombshells – Vintage Finds of the Week: Mad Men Secretary Accessories

  • Breakfast at Saks – Enter to win accessories from the eryn brinié Fall 2009 collection!

  • BRICK MY LANE – DIY: putting scraps of fabric to good use by turning it into a ruffled neckpiece

  • ClandestineChic – Interview: Patricia Valery of Evil Needles

  • Denimaniac – Wood Wood’s S/S 2010 collection – a bit of street, a dash of fash and a whole lotta style!

  • dramatis personae – Quality vs. Vegan/Environmentally Sustainable

  • Fabulous Finds Gal – “Gardens in Grey” By Fashion Photographer Julia Pogodina And An Inspiring Interview

  • Fashion Pulse Daily – What was Your Favorite Summer 2009 Trend?

  • Fasshonaburu – A review on the now purchase-able Under.Ligne, the diffusion line by Doo.Ri.

  • Fete a Fete – Dancing all night and your 5-inch stilettos killing you? Bring some Rollasole emergency ballet flats with you!

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – NYFW SS10 Schedule + tips on getting in

  • Market Publique – Art Class: Vintage Abstract Prints

  • midnight feast – The Jean Genie

  • Retro Chick – Win – Reese Witherspoons first fragrance for Avon

  • Sterling Style – New York’s Rachel Antonoff Holiday 2010 Collection

  • Style Gourmand – Ag Kij of Net-a-Porter discusses Net-a-Porter’s new iPhone app and how technology and fashion co-mingle.

  • Style Mom – STYLEMOM holds it down for fashion bloggers as one of the only IFB members at Blogher 2009 in Chicago

  • Stylish Thought – Cats with Style: Boxing Kitten

  • THE COVETED – Mummy Dearest: Iris Van Herpen taking inspiration from the macabre

  • Unfunded – Vintage sequins, sparkles and sprinkles

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Hair and an Outfit

I also got a new haircut and color today!!
It (color) was supposed to look like that:

You know red leaning on orange but still natural. Kinda like my original hair color was when I was a kid.
And its not! It turned out like that:

Ahhh my hairdresser never screwed something up before!! I mean I don't hate it but it is kinda extreme for someone looking for a job in HR!! And I look like a punk (if u imagine the white dress to be black)
I will keep it till I actually get invited for a job interview and than change it, or keep it till next monday wash my hair 3 times a day and see how it looks than, it is supposed to wash out a lot, mb she actually didn't screw up and it will look totally like I wanted it after a couple of washes (and than I decide if I want it changed immediately or not).

Here's what I was wearing today:

White Vintage Babydoll Dress
Turquise Earings and BB Bangles
Turquise FlyFor Peeptoes
Turquise EDC Bag


Oh and yesterday I was supposed to go on a double date with my friend, but!!!! the guy didn't manage to get into town (really how hard can it be! I have no car and still manage to show up at the weirdest places 24/7)
So we ended up having a great time the three of us (I know the guy so it was ok) well it wasn't a date anymore and thank god it also didn't feel like one (hello third wheel) but more like friends eating out!!
Here's what I was wearing:

White Blind Date Tee
Nude H&M Hotpants
Turquise Kitten Heel FlipFlop
Turquise Earrings and BB Bangles


I actually found a job!!!
Which leads to me working shifts and wearing a overcoat and hairnet like headcover all week!!
As I have to be all covered because I work in a clean-dustfree-airfiltered-please-wear-these-cloglike-ugly-but-non-static-chargeable-shoes-with-the-unbelievable-ugly-all-white-coat-room I actually show up in jeans and tee every day!
But here are pics of the weekend outfit, clubbing!!!

Purple Viventy Sequin Tank
Blind Date Jeans Mini
Vintage ostrich leather Clutch
Fishbone Wedges

Vintage ostrich leather Clutch (found that in my grandmothers things and saved it from being thrown out!!)

Vintage ostrich leather Clutch