Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Over Seas

It's me!
I am back for and I know I neglected the blog AGAIN!
But this time I have a good excuse!
I was at work when I gigantic raccoon attacked my city! I had to hunt it down to a small village in the Antes where I found my prince charming who was injured while he was trying to save a toddler who was about to get tramped to death!! I stayed at his bed day and night and they unfortunately don't have Internet there! When he started to get better we got married by this lovely lake in the mountains and had many babies while I still started a carrier as Personal Manager of the local corner shop ...

No seriously I was super busy!

Tonight as in 8 hours I will leave for my big trip across the ocean! Visiting my friend Christina in North Carolina!!

Sooo excited!!

I have all the outfits!! Here a little preview ...

On the Plane

I am planing on taking the belt of so I will have a comfy Xtra wide shirt and tights combo for the 15 hours flight!


summery for the good days

Warmer for the not so great but still good days (obviously we will only have great days in my mind because I am the most naive optimist sometimes ;))

Party, Clubbing aso.

I had all the Outfits photographed but no time to upload all of them so you will have to wait till I am back in 3 weeks to see them :)

As I plan an going crazy shopping over there my luggage has to be super light! I only packed like 15 kg and they allow 23 kg on the plane! So I have 8 kg + 8kg Carry-On left to shop!!

Most outfits I packed are versatile so I created an entire wardrobe out of only a couple of things! And I can tell you, it was a challenge if I ever had one ;)

I packed:

3 pair of jeans
1 jeans mini
4 tanktops
7 Tees of which some are oversized and can be worn as dress with leggings
1 leggings
7 summer tops most of which can be dressed up for going out
3 tops for only going out (because its the most important!!)
lots of accessories!
4 sweaters (one actually a dress but I can wear it as a sweater with some ajustments)
2 hoodies
1 summer dress
1 bikini
2 pair of sunglasses
1 black clutch
2 hats
1 pair of black dressy shoes
1 pair of chucks
1 pair of flip flips
and !!!!roll up flats!!! they are so cool, silver and black and can be rolled into a tiny bag to fit in a purse!

CU in 18 days!!

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Breath Mint Anyone?

Edited by Jordana

There's something about the fall season that brings both calming and chaotic feelings. As we kiss our wild summer nights goodbye, we say hello to late night study sessions and longer days in the office. As New York Fashion Week closes and we're trying to catch up on the latest collections, London Fashion Week kicks off. This week's round up of Links à la Mode from Independent Fashion Bloggers embodies a little bit of everything in an effort to give you a breather in between the deceiving calm that comes with fall. We've got runway reviewes ranging from
Fashion Pulse's take on Tory Burch to Fasshonaburu's humorous experience at the Snuggie fashion show, and Style Amour rated the top five most disappointing Spring 2010 collections. There are also a few new DIY's worth checking out, especially the Maison Michael bunny ears post from Monoxious. Last but not least, make sure you check out Ashe Mischief's scando-style post on Sarah Von of Yes and Yes on Dramatis Personae.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

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Beyond Fashion Week

Edited by Ashe Mischief
There’s a certain amount of irony in the fact I edited this week’s Links a la Mode, as it’s New York Fashion Week– because it’s something I’ve never actually covered before. Style moves on– whether it’s fashion week or the holidays, or the worst day of your life, and for that, we’ve got a bit of coverage from NYFW, some great posts to challenge your mind and body, and a bit of eye candy to tide us over through the weekend.

Links à la Mode : September 17th

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fashion Wars by Zynga

I recently (finally) joined facebook and who would have guessed: imediatly became a huge fan! I still prefer Myspace, mostly because you can customize you profil add songs and all the personalization stuff but I have to admit, facebook has one huge advantage: the Applications!!

Seriously, I know it sounds crazy but I joined, started playing Fashion Wars and am addicted ever since!!

So I thought I will rant to you all about the game/app/whatever:

First you can create you own "Fashionista", mine kinda looked like me with the red hair and pale pale pale skin (just in thinner ;)) and choose your style, I am a Party Queen e.p.. You can earn money doing different stuff like attending events and you also have a steady income from properties you buy like that French Spa Resort I just got myself (being rich isn't easy hahahhaha)

In the shop you can buy essentials, cutest little pics of rather fashionable items every women should own ;) make the shopping more exciting and the things you buy bring you style (attack strength) and attitude (defense strength) points:

In the shop you also buy perks like Mani/Pedi, Hair styling and Make-Overs:

and not to forget the car pool!!!

I mean I totally bought like 25 Porsches just because the pic was to cute! Oh yeah and I also would love love love to have a Porsche Turbo or Carrera 911 for real!!

Equiped with all these every fashionable things you can attend events to earn popularity point which bring you to the next level (kinda like in real rich people live)

To have an advantage at this you can buy a pet (mine is a Siamese cat called Gucci) who helps you get money bonuses and also defends you in fights ...

Thats the funniest part, you can fight other people or B***chslap them, for real there is a button that says B***chslap!! The "fight" is not like a physical fight but more of a fashion showoff!!

Winning those also brings you popularty and you can earn "rare items"!

You can also invite you friends and build up a "posse" to be stronger in showoffs and get exchange stuff and get help like energy drinks and someone to pet you kitty if you forget .. (well I guess mostly its so someone understands why you squeal about some getting a chiffon dress online you can't even wear).

This game is just so much fun but I find myself spend waaaay to much time here!

There is much more to do and be excited about but I don't want to ramble on to long so just try it yoursel, at least I makes being nerdy somehow fashionable ;)

New Stuff

I totally went overboard and bought way to much stuff this week!
I also wanted to have it all photographed and uploaded by now but guess what ...
although I had loads of ideas how to style every single item in the stores, I have none right now!!
Seriously! None!! So the post is postponed till creativity strikes again!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Shifting Gears

Edited by Jennine

It’s here. Summer’s (basically) over, back to school, back to work… even in fashion today is the official first day of Fashion Week madness, and New York is only the beginning. I’ve always thought once Labor Day rolled around, we shifted gears realizing that the year is almost out it’s time to start packing it all in! This week, we’ve got an amazing round of links…seriously, it was so hard to pick only 20. Style Amor wonders if we really need fashion week at all… Heavy Heels sense the Winds of Change, as models start chopping their locks, The Demoiselles start a getting healthy project for a bunch of ladies, kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS gets an remarkable interview with Patricia Ayers.

Links à la Mode : September 10th

Monday, September 7, 2009

Outfit Recap

Here goes another Outfit Recap!

At Work

this is actually one of my favs, with the tee my brother gave me for my 22 birthday
(Regensburg is the city I am from)

I am still working the production summer job but as it goes things change!!
Somewhere in the middle of August some new student workers showed up and - Surprise Surprise - 3 guys!! Now we are 4 of them and one of me ;)

I somehow started this little flirt with one of them and - here goes fate - it comes out our parents know each other, we used to live next to his aunt, and we played together as kids (of which neither of us has any memory, must be all the partying working lately). I actually think it is cute and funny to have someone to flirt with during work and nothing more.

Still now the times I could go to work in a jeans and tee are over and I actually am dressing up, not to obvious changing my way of clothing just a little more sexy a little less potato sack.
Ofc everyone already thinks we have something going on, disappearing during breaks, him poking me in this high schooler fashion, the very very "subtile" hinting and jokes etc..

Cocktails with the girls

Job Interview
don't I at least look like a young professional??

P.S.: its late and I have no energy left to look up all the brands and stuff, but this post will be updated with descriptions by tomorrow

P.P.S: did you notice that most of the posts are links a la mode?? I should try and post more outfits but I say that every time don't I?

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Style Within Means

Edited by Debutante Clothing

As the summer winds down and I start planning my Fall wardrobe, I’m overwhelmed by thoughts of how to create a wardrobe on a budget. This week, we have a ton of posts on how to find great style within a budget. Fashion Pulse Daily gives us the top denim looks under $50 and The Recessionista is reporting Anna Wintour is heading to Macy’s for Fashion Night Out. Enjoy!

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