Monday, June 22, 2009

Office Monday

Here's what I was wearing today:

Mustang Jeans, Livre long sleeve Top and ...

... no brand satin pumps which I bought for like 9 bucks in a Turkish store that appeared out of nowhere in one of the tiny side streets I sometimes walk trough in search of stores I haven't discovered yet :)

sorry for the crappy quality of the pics but I am minus one camera and have to use the mobile instead. My friend Eva flying to an other friends wedding and she needs it more than me being maid of honor and all!!

Oh and Congrats to Christina, the blushing bride and her honey Tom!!

I would fly myself if there weren't this nasty money issues preventing me to get from Germany to the States!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eye Candy ...

OMG OMG OMG Isn't he just gorgeous??

For more go here ...

Yay to me wearing glasses

The Other Option would be running around blind (which I seriously considered as the glasses are driving me nuts!!) Try wearing glasses after 9 years of constant lenses wearing!!

- They are slipping down all the time
- And your sight is narrowed down to those tiny glasses
- And I only have those one brown ones
- which yes are Gucci and I love them as a fashion statement but they don't go with everything so the outfit choice which is limited anyway is even slimmer
- And try them all day and the next ahhhhh
- And now the the weather is finally sun sun sun I can't wear any of my many many many sunglasses!
- And did I mention the slipping?
- And I really blame my mom who once in her life gave in to a fashion related argument and a "But MOM I love them" and bought them as a presi instead of making me choose not so pretty but more practical ones!!

Ok I think that is enough of the negative rantings for today bye bye with a smile :)

Office Outfits

Here Goes

Boring Office Outfit Wednesday:

Zara Jeans, H&M Top, Amisu Short Sleeve Jacket and ...

... Buffalos!!

and Thursday:

H&M Skirt, Amisu Top under Vero Moda Top and Danny Shoes

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cherry Trees

Me and on of my best friends and companion in misfortune (the laptop for all of you still not realizing I am a total nerd sometimes) are out in the garden enjoying the weather and catching up on posts. So don't wonder if there will be an overload of posts as it has 25°C which I guess will be 77°F and I am in total blog reading and posting mood!! After this Weardrobe and Chictopia are next ... have to dispense the lately rare mood :)

Heres the Boring Office Outfit Tuesday Post (better late than never) Lucky me had monday off but due to familiar crises I was running around undertakes helping organize a funeral as no one of the others had a car ... emotionally exhausting week!!

Mango Jeans, Amisu Shirt and Tank Top, H&M Blazer and Buffalo Pumps

Boring Office Outfits

Boring Office Outfit Friday:

Zara Jeans, Tally Weijl Top and H&M Tee, Amisu Vest, Red Noname Ballerinas

I actually had a pretty decent outfit for friday night out with the girls but didn't take pics and as it goes threw the clothes into laundry before thinking of it the next day!

And heres what I was wearing saturday drinking with the girls ... we all decided to go easy breezy summery ;)

Esprit Dress and Satin Hairband, Pieces Bangle

I wore my glasses it it, I now wear my glasses with everything because stupid little me lost one of her lenses friday night and now .... Glasses!!
It takes forever, and I mean forever as in 3 weeks just to get an appointment with the eye specialist of my choice and I don't want to go to another one as I really like and trust this one forever!! So here goes me wearing glasses:

I also have a new haircut and they are brownish again after being blond for a long time!! You see lots happened this WE.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What I wore today hanging out with the girls ...
Next week longer posts too, you have to go one step at a time
1. start posting again
2. make posts that actually tell something

Freesoul Jeans (yeah I wear them a lot lately), Hallhuber Top, Amisu Sort Sleeve Jacket and Deichmann Pumps (still my favs!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And here goes "Boring Tuesday" ...
Thank god I have actual plans for the rest of the week so the outfits should be getting more interesting than this :)
I don't say i don't like it, wouldn't wear it if I didn't, I am saying mew mew mew

Freesoul Jeans, New Yorker Patent Leather Pumps and Shirt

Monday, June 8, 2009

Boring Monday

Well as I didn't blog for like ever you there are lots of news!
One of them ... I am finally (since the end of April) a useful member of society again, meaning:
I have a new student job! And now the fun fact for all who know me: Guess who my employer is ... the catholic church!! Yes you read right, me working for the church, the church paying I :)

-  Work is easy and I can have a radio
-  Colleagues are nice and fun and like to chat half of the work time away
-  I have a nice workspace where I can look out of the window
-  Only 5 hours work a day
-  Money Money Money

-  BOring!!
-  No internet access to make it less boring
-  Getting up early again
-  Very little work which has to be stretched over my whole stay there
-  I am only employed for 50 days

But now to Downside NO. 1:
They have a very strict dress code! I mean strict as in women are allowed to wear pants to work since 6 years now strict!! So the new category here will be Boring Office Outfits but hey what office (in Germany) doesn't have a dress code?? :)

Boring Monday Office Clothes:

DIY Vero Moda Bermudas (those were pants before); TopStudio Top; JP Cardigan; Cyrillus Blazer and New Yorker Flats

Oh and I have tons of other more business like office outfits which I won't upload here. But I will start uploading some on Weardrobe and Chictopia starting tomorrow.
Tired now after playing Minesweeper for 4 hours and working one :)

Out with the girls and surprising trip to Munich

Crazyness ... I ended up taking the first train to Munich the next morning (6am) with this cute guy I met. He is as crazy as me and new to Germany so we decided after a night out to visit Munich right after clubbing - with no sleep other than the 2 hours on the train :) it was fun but I slept trough all the rest of saturday and most of sunday morning!
I admit I am still crazy and open for all things spontaneous and fun but going 34 hours with no sleep ... not as fun as it was with 16 ...

What I wore this Weekend hanging out with the girls ...

Amisu Top and Hotpants, New Yorker Flats

I also had some minutes to change into "normal Day clothes" before we left for the train, wouldn't fancy to run trough Munich in going out clothes although I might not even stand out THAT much :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I wore today, hanging with friends:

Jeans: Freesoul, Top: Tally Weijl, Shirt: Infinity, Cap: Von Dutch

Oh and another close up of the new shoes!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

After the big BREAK

Sooo here I am again, worst Blogger ever!!
As you might have noticed there was a little uninspired period in part of the Blogosphere and I so was a part of that! Also with my personal life kinda languishing I had zero and I mean ZERO motivation for blogging or honestly anything else. But after week after week of mew outfits I have the feeling I am back and hopefully back to stay!

My friend Eva brought this on today. I bought new cute clothes (I am looking forward posting them all within next week!!) and she asked how I planed to wear one of the acquired object, a purple and white stripped shirt I found at the mens department of NewYorker.
Here you go Eva:


Shirt and HotPants: New Yorker; Shoe: Deichmann

Ahh and the shoes are new too! I have a feeling they're gonna be my new favorites: