Monday, June 8, 2009

Boring Monday

Well as I didn't blog for like ever you there are lots of news!
One of them ... I am finally (since the end of April) a useful member of society again, meaning:
I have a new student job! And now the fun fact for all who know me: Guess who my employer is ... the catholic church!! Yes you read right, me working for the church, the church paying I :)

-  Work is easy and I can have a radio
-  Colleagues are nice and fun and like to chat half of the work time away
-  I have a nice workspace where I can look out of the window
-  Only 5 hours work a day
-  Money Money Money

-  BOring!!
-  No internet access to make it less boring
-  Getting up early again
-  Very little work which has to be stretched over my whole stay there
-  I am only employed for 50 days

But now to Downside NO. 1:
They have a very strict dress code! I mean strict as in women are allowed to wear pants to work since 6 years now strict!! So the new category here will be Boring Office Outfits but hey what office (in Germany) doesn't have a dress code?? :)

Boring Monday Office Clothes:

DIY Vero Moda Bermudas (those were pants before); TopStudio Top; JP Cardigan; Cyrillus Blazer and New Yorker Flats

Oh and I have tons of other more business like office outfits which I won't upload here. But I will start uploading some on Weardrobe and Chictopia starting tomorrow.
Tired now after playing Minesweeper for 4 hours and working one :)

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