Monday, June 8, 2009

Out with the girls and surprising trip to Munich

Crazyness ... I ended up taking the first train to Munich the next morning (6am) with this cute guy I met. He is as crazy as me and new to Germany so we decided after a night out to visit Munich right after clubbing - with no sleep other than the 2 hours on the train :) it was fun but I slept trough all the rest of saturday and most of sunday morning!
I admit I am still crazy and open for all things spontaneous and fun but going 34 hours with no sleep ... not as fun as it was with 16 ...

What I wore this Weekend hanging out with the girls ...

Amisu Top and Hotpants, New Yorker Flats

I also had some minutes to change into "normal Day clothes" before we left for the train, wouldn't fancy to run trough Munich in going out clothes although I might not even stand out THAT much :)

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