Wednesday, June 3, 2009

After the big BREAK

Sooo here I am again, worst Blogger ever!!
As you might have noticed there was a little uninspired period in part of the Blogosphere and I so was a part of that! Also with my personal life kinda languishing I had zero and I mean ZERO motivation for blogging or honestly anything else. But after week after week of mew outfits I have the feeling I am back and hopefully back to stay!

My friend Eva brought this on today. I bought new cute clothes (I am looking forward posting them all within next week!!) and she asked how I planed to wear one of the acquired object, a purple and white stripped shirt I found at the mens department of NewYorker.
Here you go Eva:


Shirt and HotPants: New Yorker; Shoe: Deichmann

Ahh and the shoes are new too! I have a feeling they're gonna be my new favorites:

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