Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boring Office Outfits

Boring Office Outfit Friday:

Zara Jeans, Tally Weijl Top and H&M Tee, Amisu Vest, Red Noname Ballerinas

I actually had a pretty decent outfit for friday night out with the girls but didn't take pics and as it goes threw the clothes into laundry before thinking of it the next day!

And heres what I was wearing saturday drinking with the girls ... we all decided to go easy breezy summery ;)

Esprit Dress and Satin Hairband, Pieces Bangle

I wore my glasses it it, I now wear my glasses with everything because stupid little me lost one of her lenses friday night and now .... Glasses!!
It takes forever, and I mean forever as in 3 weeks just to get an appointment with the eye specialist of my choice and I don't want to go to another one as I really like and trust this one forever!! So here goes me wearing glasses:

I also have a new haircut and they are brownish again after being blond for a long time!! You see lots happened this WE.

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