Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Outfit Recap

Busy Week again, it seams that even when I have nothing to do, I get nothing done!!
So here are the Outfits of this week all at once :)

After the exam I basically spend my time roaming the stores in Regensburg and mostly even (too) successful! But more of that later ...

Oh and be warned I am in a bit of a Hippies Flower Power Summer Feeling Mood these days!

Here's what I was wearing writing my exam last Saturday: I tried to give off a casual easy going I don't care vibe and hoped it would somehow color off on my mood ... yeah right!!!

Amisu Hotpants, Clockhouse Tunic, New Yorker Flip Flops

And for shopping on Tuesday, I also had to get my shoes fix (6 pair) as I avoided that costs since for ever:

Livre Tunic, Clockhouse Hotpants, New Yorker Flip Flops and Jake*s Bowling Bag (my new Favorite)

And for picking up the shoes again today: (Can you believe I paid only 30 Euro? I was pleasantly surprised)

Fishbone Dress as a Top (one of the new pieces I bought), Zara White Jeans, Pieces Sunglasses, Clockhouse Headband and Jake*s Bowling Bag...

... and Buffalo Sandals

Oh and waiting for my Shoe Guy

I am in love with him, if you leave the shoes there over night he cleans them and makes them look all shiny and new and he never looks funny even when I show up with a huge bag full of broken heels

Well waiting for him to come back from a, well deserved, lunch break after dealing with annoyingly cheery blonds (like me) all day, a guy just walked up to me and asked me out (in the mall people!!). Unfortunately he was two heads shorter than me and soooo not my type but hey its always a boost for a single gals confidence :)

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