Thursday, July 16, 2009

I shop therefor I am ...

I am unemployed and I bought loads of clothes ... So sue me I love life and shopping!!

Still not sure how to style most of it and I also didn't photograph all pieces as some are pretty basic summer things like halter tops.

Here goes:

Vero Moda Trench Coat, Raxmax Velvet Pumps

I thought about holding my MacBook like Carrie in Sex and the City lolz

Vero Moda Trench Coat, Raxmax Velvet Pumps, Vintage Dress

Somehow wearing a white short dress always makes me look like a little girl but I am totally into the girly cutie look and it seams I am not the only one in love with white summer dresses or at least thats what Cosmo says ...

Review Dress

This one is actually my favorite, it has this great pattern and the inside layer is satin, wearing it feels great! Wearing fabrics like silk or satin always makes me feel so much more beautiful!

I have no idea how to style it but I am thinking about wearing it like this, barefoot and with a messy bun, what do you think?

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