Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Over Seas

It's me!
I am back for and I know I neglected the blog AGAIN!
But this time I have a good excuse!
I was at work when I gigantic raccoon attacked my city! I had to hunt it down to a small village in the Antes where I found my prince charming who was injured while he was trying to save a toddler who was about to get tramped to death!! I stayed at his bed day and night and they unfortunately don't have Internet there! When he started to get better we got married by this lovely lake in the mountains and had many babies while I still started a carrier as Personal Manager of the local corner shop ...

No seriously I was super busy!

Tonight as in 8 hours I will leave for my big trip across the ocean! Visiting my friend Christina in North Carolina!!

Sooo excited!!

I have all the outfits!! Here a little preview ...

On the Plane

I am planing on taking the belt of so I will have a comfy Xtra wide shirt and tights combo for the 15 hours flight!


summery for the good days

Warmer for the not so great but still good days (obviously we will only have great days in my mind because I am the most naive optimist sometimes ;))

Party, Clubbing aso.

I had all the Outfits photographed but no time to upload all of them so you will have to wait till I am back in 3 weeks to see them :)

As I plan an going crazy shopping over there my luggage has to be super light! I only packed like 15 kg and they allow 23 kg on the plane! So I have 8 kg + 8kg Carry-On left to shop!!

Most outfits I packed are versatile so I created an entire wardrobe out of only a couple of things! And I can tell you, it was a challenge if I ever had one ;)

I packed:

3 pair of jeans
1 jeans mini
4 tanktops
7 Tees of which some are oversized and can be worn as dress with leggings
1 leggings
7 summer tops most of which can be dressed up for going out
3 tops for only going out (because its the most important!!)
lots of accessories!
4 sweaters (one actually a dress but I can wear it as a sweater with some ajustments)
2 hoodies
1 summer dress
1 bikini
2 pair of sunglasses
1 black clutch
2 hats
1 pair of black dressy shoes
1 pair of chucks
1 pair of flip flips
and !!!!roll up flats!!! they are so cool, silver and black and can be rolled into a tiny bag to fit in a purse!

CU in 18 days!!

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