Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fashion Wars by Zynga

I recently (finally) joined facebook and who would have guessed: imediatly became a huge fan! I still prefer Myspace, mostly because you can customize you profil add songs and all the personalization stuff but I have to admit, facebook has one huge advantage: the Applications!!

Seriously, I know it sounds crazy but I joined, started playing Fashion Wars and am addicted ever since!!

So I thought I will rant to you all about the game/app/whatever:

First you can create you own "Fashionista", mine kinda looked like me with the red hair and pale pale pale skin (just in thinner ;)) and choose your style, I am a Party Queen e.p.. You can earn money doing different stuff like attending events and you also have a steady income from properties you buy like that French Spa Resort I just got myself (being rich isn't easy hahahhaha)

In the shop you can buy essentials, cutest little pics of rather fashionable items every women should own ;) make the shopping more exciting and the things you buy bring you style (attack strength) and attitude (defense strength) points:

In the shop you also buy perks like Mani/Pedi, Hair styling and Make-Overs:

and not to forget the car pool!!!

I mean I totally bought like 25 Porsches just because the pic was to cute! Oh yeah and I also would love love love to have a Porsche Turbo or Carrera 911 for real!!

Equiped with all these every fashionable things you can attend events to earn popularity point which bring you to the next level (kinda like in real rich people live)

To have an advantage at this you can buy a pet (mine is a Siamese cat called Gucci) who helps you get money bonuses and also defends you in fights ...

Thats the funniest part, you can fight other people or B***chslap them, for real there is a button that says B***chslap!! The "fight" is not like a physical fight but more of a fashion showoff!!

Winning those also brings you popularty and you can earn "rare items"!

You can also invite you friends and build up a "posse" to be stronger in showoffs and get exchange stuff and get help like energy drinks and someone to pet you kitty if you forget .. (well I guess mostly its so someone understands why you squeal about some getting a chiffon dress online you can't even wear).

This game is just so much fun but I find myself spend waaaay to much time here!

There is much more to do and be excited about but I don't want to ramble on to long so just try it yoursel, at least I makes being nerdy somehow fashionable ;)

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