Monday, September 7, 2009

Outfit Recap

Here goes another Outfit Recap!

At Work

this is actually one of my favs, with the tee my brother gave me for my 22 birthday
(Regensburg is the city I am from)

I am still working the production summer job but as it goes things change!!
Somewhere in the middle of August some new student workers showed up and - Surprise Surprise - 3 guys!! Now we are 4 of them and one of me ;)

I somehow started this little flirt with one of them and - here goes fate - it comes out our parents know each other, we used to live next to his aunt, and we played together as kids (of which neither of us has any memory, must be all the partying working lately). I actually think it is cute and funny to have someone to flirt with during work and nothing more.

Still now the times I could go to work in a jeans and tee are over and I actually am dressing up, not to obvious changing my way of clothing just a little more sexy a little less potato sack.
Ofc everyone already thinks we have something going on, disappearing during breaks, him poking me in this high schooler fashion, the very very "subtile" hinting and jokes etc..

Cocktails with the girls

Job Interview
don't I at least look like a young professional??

P.S.: its late and I have no energy left to look up all the brands and stuff, but this post will be updated with descriptions by tomorrow

P.P.S: did you notice that most of the posts are links a la mode?? I should try and post more outfits but I say that every time don't I?

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