Friday, August 7, 2009


Oh and yesterday I was supposed to go on a double date with my friend, but!!!! the guy didn't manage to get into town (really how hard can it be! I have no car and still manage to show up at the weirdest places 24/7)
So we ended up having a great time the three of us (I know the guy so it was ok) well it wasn't a date anymore and thank god it also didn't feel like one (hello third wheel) but more like friends eating out!!
Here's what I was wearing:

White Blind Date Tee
Nude H&M Hotpants
Turquise Kitten Heel FlipFlop
Turquise Earrings and BB Bangles

1 comment:

  1. hot outfit! and i love the new hair (from your next post!). i'm in love with my pink hair; thanks for your comment!