Friday, August 7, 2009


I actually found a job!!!
Which leads to me working shifts and wearing a overcoat and hairnet like headcover all week!!
As I have to be all covered because I work in a clean-dustfree-airfiltered-please-wear-these-cloglike-ugly-but-non-static-chargeable-shoes-with-the-unbelievable-ugly-all-white-coat-room I actually show up in jeans and tee every day!
But here are pics of the weekend outfit, clubbing!!!

Purple Viventy Sequin Tank
Blind Date Jeans Mini
Vintage ostrich leather Clutch
Fishbone Wedges

Vintage ostrich leather Clutch (found that in my grandmothers things and saved it from being thrown out!!)

Vintage ostrich leather Clutch

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