Friday, August 7, 2009

New Hair and an Outfit

I also got a new haircut and color today!!
It (color) was supposed to look like that:

You know red leaning on orange but still natural. Kinda like my original hair color was when I was a kid.
And its not! It turned out like that:

Ahhh my hairdresser never screwed something up before!! I mean I don't hate it but it is kinda extreme for someone looking for a job in HR!! And I look like a punk (if u imagine the white dress to be black)
I will keep it till I actually get invited for a job interview and than change it, or keep it till next monday wash my hair 3 times a day and see how it looks than, it is supposed to wash out a lot, mb she actually didn't screw up and it will look totally like I wanted it after a couple of washes (and than I decide if I want it changed immediately or not).

Here's what I was wearing today:

White Vintage Babydoll Dress
Turquise Earings and BB Bangles
Turquise FlyFor Peeptoes
Turquise EDC Bag


  1. I like your hair color! I think it is cute. :)

  2. I adore those shoes... FlyFor - do they have a dedicated store? They are so pretty!

    Oh, and I love the hair colour!

  3. @mysterycreature
    thx :)
    I'm not really sure if they have stores outside of Germany... Its a sub-brand of "kings and queens", which is a totally cheap, low quality brand(seriously the shoes are like 8 bucks and 100% synthetics but you wouldn'T know looking at them as long as you don't touch or wear :))