Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and All Saints

Halloween again and as usual being in Germany nobody really dressed up! But I really really wanted to, so I had an undercover costume, something that is costume-y but also could pass as me being well different :)

The Wicked Witch ;)

You know what they say about red heads?
They are wicked ...

DIY Adler Lace Leggings into Sleeves
Clockhouse Dress
DM Tights
Jennifer Tailor Ankle Boots
Gironacci Purse

Originally I planed this outfit with a witches hat and a floor long black silk cape, but as it was THE UNDERCOVER WICKED WITCH COSTUME ...

All Saints

On All Saints its tradition to go to the morning service in our cute little village church which includes the blessing of the graves. Its 20 minutes service and than we stand by my grandmothers grave till the priest walks by. Usually it takes ages, so everyone is bundled up like there's another ice age coming.

Esprit Coat
Ralph Lauren Sweater
Yessica Pencil Skirt
DM Woolen Tights
Jennifer Tailor Ankle Boots
H&M Woolen Hat
Gironacci Purse

And yes I still was froze to the floor thank you very much, took till now to get really warm again!

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